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Windows 10 most common error and how to fix it?

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Windows 10 most common error and how to fix it?

Windows 10 most common error and how to fix it?

Windows 10 has been released and developed by Microsoft, and it is a personal computer operating system. Do you know that which version received the feature updates? Windows 10 is the only one version which was received ongoing feature updates.windows 10 features are the best. Among the various class of device windows 10 coordinate user’s experience and functionality, which introduced in the user interface. Windows 10 has a lot of features to make the work easiest but sometimes there might be a chance of facing some challenges, and it is not necessary that everyone has knowledge about how to fix it want to know Microsoft Support Helpline and what to do after to such these problem? So first thing doesn’t be panic in this kind of situation and you need to follow some instructions to get rid of the trouble. So here we will discuss some challenges what you may face  2. while operating Windows 10 and how to fix it? .

Errors you may face in Windows 10

1. Computer is too slow

2. Facing Annoying pop-up ads  in Microsoft edge browser

3. Activation problems

4. Unable to upgrade from Windows 7 or Windows 8

5. Unable to upgrade to latest Windows 10 version

6. Windows 10 does not have enough space

7. Problems after installing the Windows 10

8. Mail not syncing problem with the Windows 10

9. Damaged or missing files during installation

10. Missing One Drive File On-Demand after upgrade


1.Computer is too slow

Is your computer working too slow? And you are facing a trouble while doing the work, so it may become a very irritating thing because everyone using the technology to do the work easy. So if you are you looking for the solution to run the device quickly, you are using. There is need to keep your computer clean and optimized so that it would be able to work with a brand new PC. You need to follow some steps mentioned below:-

1. The first step is needed to change power settings

2. Then disable the programs which run on startup

3. You need to clean out the registry

4. Make sure that shadows, animations, and visual effects should be deactivate

5. Windows troubleshooter should be launched

6. You can seek the help of the performance monitor

7. The last step is you need to kill bloatware

2. Annoying pop-up ads in microsoft edge browser

The new windows default browser of Microsoft edge is too good because it gives browser experience to the user that is much user-friendly and faster. If you are missing internet explorer, typing that into the start field will let you know that old web browser is still working on the device just because of Microsoft edge is not appropriately doing work. And there is not only this pat which annoys the customers most even pop-up ads are also the common issue with Microsoft edge. But if you are facing this kind of trouble, there is the solution as well to resolve the problem. In the below steps, we have discussed the solution for this issue:-

1. First steps is open the edge

2. Then you need to click on more button which has(3 dots) at the top right side

3. Then to go ahead click on the settings

4. When you scroll down, then you will find an option for (view advanced settings)you have to click on that

5. You have to click the slider under the headings that show “Block pop-ups.”

6. You can see that procedure is done. And hope you will not get this error further.

Activation problems in Windows 10This error may become a huge problem for you because you won’t be able to work without activation in Windows 10 and sometimes, this problem occurs due to the product key you are using might it has been already in use with the different computer. And maybe the problem is getting because of product key is used in multiple devices which do not allow the Microsoft terms license. To fix this issue, you need to purchase a product key for each PC in which you want to activate the Windows 10, and you can follow these steps to purchase an activation key:-

1. The first step is to click on start

2. Then select the settings

3. Click on update and security

4. And click on activate

5. You will find that the problem of activation has been resolved.

4. Unable to upgrade from Windows 7 or windows 8

Are you facing trouble while upgrading Windows 7 to Windows 8, so it may create glitches for you just because you are wasting a lot of valuable time on the internet still unable to get the work done? Sometimes its panic the users most. So you can upgrade it by following some steps:-

1. First, you need to click on start, then All Programs, you will find the list of program, find windows update and click on execute

2. Then to download the necessary updates, you need to click “check for updates.” Windows update will check updates

3. For the smooth usage of PC, you need to install updates Sometimes updates may require restarting the computer, by following instructions restart the computer

4. Then you will find that you have successfully upgraded the Windows from 7 to Windows 8 and now you can run it without any hassle.

5. Unable to upgrade to latest Windows 10 version

Trying to upgrade the latest Windows 10 version it’s not getting an upgrade. Sometimes these errors occur because of not following the appropriate steps, and if you are unable to do it here, you can get a resolution for this. Steps are mentioned below:-

     1. You can download the troubleshooter tool from Microsoft which is available for windows  update Then select the windows update option

    2. To continue to click Next

As an administrator option click on try troubleshooting: 

1. Then you need to select Windows update again

2. To start the troubleshooting process, you need to click next

3. Then click close

4. Restart the computer and then reinstall it

6. Windows 10 does not have enough space

To store necessary files on the system Windows 10 needs more space. But the errors occur because of C: does not have enough space. Mostly 8Gb free disk space required to upgrade to Windows 10.so here are some steps via following these steps you could be able to free disk space.

1. You need to open settings

2. Click on system

3. Then you will find an option storage click on that

4. Under “storage sense,” you need to click on change how we free up space link

5. You need to check the files you want to delete, “under temporary files” included all these:-

6. You have to delete temporary files, which my apps are not in use

7.The files which have been in recycling bin over 30 days you need to delete them also

8. Then delete the files in the downloads folder which did not change in 30 days Under free up space, you may also select the option to delete the previous installation of Windows 10. But this option is accessible only during the ten days after installing the new feature updates. After this procedure, you can click the clean now button to free up space at the point of time. You can now have enough space to store the essential data and files.

7. How to fix networking problems after installing the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

After installation of Windows 10 if you are not able to still it did not update, there may be an issue of internet connectivity, and might you had an experience of the very slow internet while using a Wi -Fi or Ethernet adapter. This problem may occur because of the bug in the latest version of Windows 10. You can get help from this article which has been shared with the users following steps are included in it like:- Open settings

1. You need to click on Network and security

2. Then click on status

3. You need to click the Troubleshoot button, Under “Network status.” Follow the easy on-screen direction

After following these steps successfully. You will be able to run your system without any issue and hope you have understood all the information which have been discussed in the above points.

8. How to fix Mail not syncing problem with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

This problem you may face that you are unable to sync mail with the windows 10. By Microsoft, this issue may happen because of bug in our servicing stack where the components need to be reinstalled if you are also facing this kind of trouble you need to follow these steps:-

1.You need to open settings

2. Then click on Apps

3. After that, click on Apps and features

4. Select the mail and calendar Apps

5. Then you need to click the Advanced options link

6. Then click the reset button

7. After doing this procedure, you may need to put all your accounts again. So by following these steps, you can resolve the problem of not syncing the mails.

9. How to fix damaged or missing files during installation

Some files are damaged or missing files during installation if this problem occurs it creates trouble for the users who are using windows 10 because everyone using technology to make their work easiest. And if essential files will get misplaced then may it harm the users in a wide range so you can get help for such this kind of issues via following these instructions:-

1. Open the settings

2. Then click on update and security

3. click on Windows update

4. click the check for updates button

Still, if you think that you won’t be able to fix the problem then you can install the Windows 10 Update using Media creation tool.

10. How to fix missing OneDrive File On-Demand after upgrade

OneDrive demand File On-Demand has been recently added to the Windows 10 update.After the update, a lot of users on Twitter or Reddit have been reporting it is missing. So to resolve this issue, you need to download it download and reinstall the new version of OneDrive on the device manually.

1.Download the new version of OneDrive

2. To launch the Setup, you have to double-click the file.

3. To complete the installation, you need to follow the on-screen setup

4. Restart the computer

5. Then open OneDrive

6. Sign-in and setup OneDrive by using the Microsoft account credentials

7. In the notification area, you will find a OneDrive cloud icon click on that and select settings

Then you need to select the save space on the “settings” tab and download the files as you use the option to turn on file on demand.


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